"So you want to get an MBA…" and other Pre-MBA advice

1. Take pre-program Foundational courses seriously:

Most MBA programs will require or encourage candidates to complete online preparatory classes and/or require the completion of an in person Boot Camp program prior to the start of MBA Orientation. Goizueta offers these Foundational experiences in Math/Statistics, Economics and Financial Accounting. Prospective MBA students should take these courses seriously as they are good ways to re-fresh your skills and they also help you transition back into the academic learning environment.

2. Read the WSJ:

Especially if you have not worked in a business setting (such as in a non-profit or the military). Reading the Wall Street Journal on a regular basis is helpful to begin understanding business lingo as well as current issues that corporations are facing.

3. Save money:

You will always need more money than you expect when you are enrolled in an MBA program. And, you will want to take full advantage of all the MBA study opportunities, such as semester-long study abroad, shorter international study trips during program breaks or case competitions, all which require additional travel funds.

4. Know your best learning style and stress behaviors:

Reflect on your prior academic experiences and consider your best learning style. As you start an MBA program, develop tactics or learning tools that will enable you to keep track of all of your assignments and help you best function on a team. You should also know your stress behaviors and consider ways to avoid situations that add to your stress levels.

Reasons to Call #Atlanta Home - A look at our vibrant city

We wanted to stop and take a minute to share with you all of the reasons that we love Atlanta—and why you should too!


Thriving and vibrant, the city of Atlanta is a hard-driving business hub. It’s #3 in the nation for Fortune 500 headquarters and some of industry’s biggest influencers are homegrown —The Coca‑Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, Equifax, The Home Depot, and Southern Company to name a few. And, as the #1 city for young entrepreneurs, we’re a great place for startups. 

As one the Top 10 largest cities in the nation, we also offer what you need to work and play. Our globally‑acclaimed arts and culture scene is guaranteed to inspire. And, thanks to our many trend‑setting restaurants, you’ll find delicious dishes around every corner.

Did you know that Atlanta is:

  • The #2 Most Tech-Friendly City in America (PCWorld)
  • A Top 25 city for Millennials (Forbes)
  • The #3 Major American City of the Future for Business Friendliness (FDI magazine)
  • A Top 5 best city for female founders (Forbes)
  • The #1 City for Young Entrepreneurs (Under 30 CEO)

The cost of living here is low but the benefits are many. Whether you stay just for your MBA or choose to make Atlanta home base for the rest of your career — this city provides everything you need to have a memorable MBA experience. We hope you will join us!

Apply in Evening MBA R1 or R2 to get your app fee waived

Did you know that from September 1, 2013 through February 21, 2014 application fees are waived for all Evening MBA applications?

If you’re completing your Evening MBA application in Round 1 or Round 2, all you have to do is skip the application fee step! The fee waiver will be posted automatically after the application is received. Unfortunately please keep in mind that reimbursement for fees already paid is not possible.

So why apply early? Whilst it holds true that applicants in all rounds are considered for admission and merit scholarships, candidates admitted in the early rounds have the advantage of the following

  • Truly prepare for your MBA experience- That could mean more time to negotiate sponsorship and schedule with their manager, or even to plan vacation travel that would be more difficult during school.
  • Start building your network immediately - Several events are offered in the spring and summer to allow admitted students to meet their future classmates and professors.
  • Give yourself time to improve - This could be good for several reasons. If you are wait listed, you have the opportunity and time to invest in improving your application. If you are admitted without scholarship, candidates also have time to submit updates to their file later in the application cycle to be re-reviewed for merit scholarships.

We review hundreds of applications each year and enjoy getting to know the early applicants the best as we meet them on paper through the process and in person at a variety of events.

Should I Apply in the Final Round?

Think it’s not worth submitting your application in the final round? Think again:

Remember we are always looking for candidates with a unique background to add to our class. If you feel that the timing is right and that you are the type of candidate the school needs, please apply.  

If you are in fact applying in the final round, the critical puzzle piece here is to present YOU at your best. Craft a compelling application that really showcases you strengths! Don’t forget to pay extra attention to selecting recommendations, submitting competitive test scores, and double-checking your application materials for errors. It’s too late in the game to have a grammatical mistake or a late recommender cloud your shining moment.

Additionally, you should be prepared to explain why you chose the late submission. There is no need to make excuses. Instead, take the care to acknowledge your extra timing by utilizing the additional essay or interview. 

In conclusion, always apply as early as possible to a program, but never sacrifice quality in your application.

Admissions Web Chat: Creating Your Ideal Evening MBA Schedule

Bringing together Goizueta Foundation Scholars and Alumni

“Never lose your ability to move seamlessly through different cultures and adapt to change. Our world is inter-connected,” said Javier Goizueta to a room of over 100 Goizueta Foundation Scholarship recipients. “The diversity of the world is also well-represented right here on this campus.”

As Admissions professionals, we seek to recreate this inter-connectedness on the Emory Goizueta campus, by identifying, recruiting, and enrolling top-performing students from a diversity of ethnic and racial, professional, and geographical backgrounds.

To this end, we recently hosted the first-ever Goizueta Foundation Scholars and Alumni Reunion to celebrate the achievements of past and present Goizueta Foundation Scholarship recipients.

The Goizueta Foundation awards this prestigious scholarship to high-achieving, college-going Hispanic/Latino students from across Georgia. In his keynote address to the Scholars, Mr. Goizueta stressed the importance of education, leadership, and giving back to one’s community.

These principles serve to guide the entire Goizueta community, through our Core Values, as well as our approach to Admissions.

Here are a few shots from the evening’s event:

Mr. Javier Goizueta, Vice President, the Coca-Cola Company, and President of the global McDonald’s Division:

Liz Garcia, EvMBA14 and Briana Soria, MBA14:

We’re so thankful to count these incredible students as a testament to the Goizueta legacy!

Q&A: The Waitlist is Not the End of the Road

We know how much time and effort you’ve put into making your application materials perfect. We also know that being waitlisted comes with uncertainty and questions, so we would like to shed some light on our waitlist process based on our most commonly asked questions.

So I got waitlisted, what now?

We know that being on the waitlist is a hard place to be.  At Goizueta, if you have received a waitlist decision, please try to look at the decision in a positive way. Being waitlisted means that we’re genuinely interested in you, but because of our intimate class size we have a high level of competition. For our waitlisted candidates, we sincerely hope that there will be a spot for you.

I thought my application was strong—so why have I been waitlisted?

The answer varies and we encourage you to reach out to us to find out the reason and how you may be able to influence the final decision.  Sometimes it is, unfortunately, just a matter of waiting.

But Goizueta is my dream school? How can I find out more information on why I was waitlisted?

1)     Complete the Waitlist form

2)     Indicate you would like feedback from an Admissions Committee Member

3)     Please be patient as the request is processed and fulfilled.  It can take up to 4 weeks to receive feedback in our peak season.

How will you be contacting me?

An Admissions Director will email or call you with specific reasons for your waitlist decision and will provide suggestions on the course of action for your specific application. We welcome additional information you may provide to strengthen your application.

What are some ways in which I can start strengthening my candidacy in the meantime?

The ways will vary but some typical ways to enhance your application include:  an additional GMAT/GRE score, an interview if you have not completed one previously, additional information about post-MBA goals or leadership or additional demonstration of your interest and commitment to Goizueta.

If specific feedback is provided, acting upon the advice of the Admissions Director is highly recommended.  If you have supplemental information to provide, send it to the Director who provided you the feedback. We encourage you to stay in touch with us, ideally communicating once each round. Keep in mind that we’re very busy travelling and talking with many candidates, so patience and understanding is key in your communications.

It seems like it’s been a while—when will I hear a final decision?

Candidates who are waitlisted in one round will be moved to the next round and the application will be reassessed. You may check your status on-line on the next decision notification date. If your waitlist status did not change it means that you have remained on the waitlist and your file will be reassessed in the next round. You do not need to contact us or resubmit any forms.  Remember, if you have additional materials that strengthen your application please submit them.  

Ultimately we know that this isn’t the easiest place to be. Remember, stay positive! 

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